Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A-R-T - Nikki Farquharson

Woohoo, art mock sketchbook almost done, only about 1/4 to do now! But having all the artist studies out the way is a slice of nice it is. RAADDD, not long now! Just had my history mock, went good, I finished it.  So in my books that's classified as a good thing, plus doing flash revision really helped, but I wouldn't recommend it for the actual things! Anyway, you likey, inspired by Nikki Farquharson as a niche study! It came out waaaay better than I was thinking it would be. looks so psychedelic and has that hint of retrospective to it. I think its the afro and waves, niiiiice.

Just a little hinter at my life right now, but I just have to finish my art for the day and then do some textiles revision 'cause the list the teacher set us is litrally overflowing, and I feel if I don't get a B in the mock my teacher may loose all hope with me, I dunno, just a feeling, so back to the flash cards tonight!


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