Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Thank god, just did three exams and now one more to go, I know that two of them weren't real they were just mocks, but I got the same vibe as if they were real or summin!Now only one more left and it's the best one, it's ART, fuck yes! Totally and utterly excited, I do love that subject, and I know tomorrow I'll come back and be like nooo it was horrible and all that kinda shit, but for now I'm excited!

Also because I wrote down my Christmas list and it proved to me on how simple I like things, I mean the main asking is for multiple types of polaroid film and a Breton top! How great is that for my parents. Hopefully between now and December I wont write too much more down so it'll be a bit cheaper for my parents and they wont have to worry about buying all that shizz for me! And I'm excited as I already have a few ideas on what to get my friends anyway, I can't tell, just incase though, I mean they might read this without me knowing! How terrible! Anyway, the German market are opening up again this year in the prominade and I am soo psyched for it all, it's gonna be rad, and it's so perfect for gifts! There's also more exciting news, but I'd rather get pictures of it all, THEN show you! And I'm trying to buy film more often, just so I can fill a section of my room with pictures and also disposable cameras give off such a fun and happy effect when you see them, it also makes you appreciate the picture more. I mean come on people we use technology too much now'adays! A phone that tells you what your day is looking like, that is madness! And you all know it. The future is moving too fast we need to live in a normal technology age, such as 2010, when the Ipod was top qual! 'Cause like I said before, we don't appreciate life enough now'adays, we need to start being more loving towards things. And my mama told me something incredibley smart the other day, she said that when we get money as presents for Christmas' or birthdays, instead of buying materialistic things we should spend it on experiences! Such as saving for a concert, or buying a travel ticket up to London for the day. Or putting it in a little savings envelope to buy something really interesting such as a book or.... I dunno, a rare item of clothing. Now I know that the last one was materialistic, but it's good. I saved up for three months to buy a fur jacket that cost me £70! But it was worth it, 'cause I smile whenever I wear it and my friends all love the feel of it, so yes, experience! Plus I can give really warm bear hugs to my friends which is nice!

Ramble OVER!



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