Sunday, 6 November 2011

Have a break have a kitkat

Woo-hoo mocks starts tomorrow for the next ten days, trying not to panic as I've done all I can to prepare myself, thus I try not to go ape-shit! Having a little break from Russian revision, the reading papers are очень-очень трудно! And if you know what that means without using translate then you are очень-очень умный! Going to pop some soup on and make myself a hot mug'a tea and settle don to do some art for a couple of hours, then some history, then back to Russian! I know, heavy day, but hey, what can ya dooo eh? Maybe I shall treat myself to some new doccs that my eye has been lingering over for a while! We shall see!

Emily Davison, bless you for doing that for us women!


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