Thursday, 10 November 2011



The state of my room and desk over the course of three weeks now, yep, mock exams are making my room hard to menuver in! And I only have a small room, so all that crap is taking up about a 1/3 of the walking space in my room! And my desk, well, I haven't been able to put the actual leaning bit up for about two weeks now, aha! (I have a bureau so the actual desk opens and closes)

I did take some photos on my camera, but when I was about to upload them it turns out that my computer wanted to upload all 2000 photos from my camera onto my lappy, so I thought, I'll just use my webcam, so bad quality, but who cares riight! Sort of seeing what the mocks are like is kind of making me dredin the real things, so, hey, if I'm not here for a few weeks in the summer, apart from the occasional mourning post, just bare with me!

Only about 5 more days now, until I can relax a wee bit mooore


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