Friday, 11 November 2011

My Apartamento


I am an avid magazine reader, from my work experience in Olive I began to fall in love with all the different variations they had. And because of my strong liking to them over the course of the week, as a present and thank you for coming they let me have one that I was most interested in, Apartamento. Until Olive I never really was a massive magazine reader apart from all the crappy girly mags you could buy, and one off Vogues, but from my experience I gained a new love for this cult literature, and fell in love with the different variations that you could get with magazines. It amazed me that such magazines could be dedicated to such simple things like different peoples apartments. From it, it has allowed me to see my interest in interior decorating and how my apartment or house will look in the future (believe me alot of dust is involed in this plan!). Apartamento is the one magazine that I have read thoroughly back to front, and it's wonderful as its articles never bor me, I can read them over and over again, as they are just so interesting!  There are three people that amazed me out of them all though, Masha Orlow (pictures), Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesnieni and my favourite of all Zoe Bedeaux. Such inspiration got me from their different angles on life, and their habbit of collecting things they don't need! It reminds me of how I am sometimes in car boot sales (seriously I'm in a current ingagement of buying new shelves as I have simply bought too much recently!).

I love these people so much, their quirky little interests and how they live their life! Eskolin-Nurmesnieni, even though she was studying to become a ceramicist suddenly went into fashion because she kept visiting her textiles department in college. Things like that remind me of where I want to go in my life. I know I don't want to become something huge, or even big, just known. Known enough so that I can become an article in this magazinnee for the future. That's a big goal for me, it's highly doubtable but not all dreams come easily do they? And my life, yes I wont mind looking around England a bit more, but I'm a very homely girl, I'm happy to live in Cheltenham, or Bath, somewhere with a view and garden is all I'm looking for, and I'm sure (when I get one) my boyfriend with have the same idea of living as me so we can move in together and fill our house with old literature books, varied cushions, and a chaise-long by the massive window facing west, so that when the sun leaks into the room it creates a beautiful atmosphere, and when reading books the pages are tinged orange! Ahh look at this babbling over a magazine. But seriously this is how much I love this magazine, I can't even express it, it's my future in a cover, I just know that these people in here are really unique and individual, and that's how I hope to branch off to for when I'm older, someone people find interesting at dinner partys and who makes them wonder what my house is like and home life! I want to become someone one off, and my children to aspire to for their future!

For all those who died for us
Remember them


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