Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kenichi Yokono

Keepin' it fresh an original Yokono's artwork is made through the traditional Japanese woodblock method, giving it a lushtrous comic book effect, this theme continueing throughout many of his pieces!  His work is based around aspects of Japanese pop culture merged all in one, shiz like managa, horror and movies.  With this as inspiration he is able to create these terribly creepy images of peril and cruelty which are covered by sugary, innocent cartoon characters (obviously not ALL lookin' innocent!) with this he is able to retain a sense of irony within his artwork! Prints of Yokono's work are hard to come by at times even though his woodblocks are still in function.  In alot of his pieces innocent women are seen preyed on by panda's, eerie woodland or strange men in business suits. Not only are all these pieces amazingly detailed and uniquely made, but he prints it all on hefty chunks of wood! Incredible right?! Mock art can be so fun!


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