Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Rain

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Happy Halloween everyone! Have a splendid time running raucus out in the streets tonight, will be boltin' my door shut tonight so I can keep the candy! (I'm not American, it just sounds cool in that context.). So alot a shits been goin' down at school, lotsa revising, just thought have a little relaxation time before I crack open the books once again, this time it's for art! Life is fun, but I think of this oppertunity as a lovely moment for me to reflect on what I can and can't do right this moment, sure it's a pain in the ass, but when it comes to the real things, THEN I can reallllly panic, hopefully I'll get grades below my target grades this time around so I feel good about where I is headinnn'.

What is that noise outside?? I don't wanna open the windows incase they realise people are home tonight. (I am so cruel sometimes)... It's stoppped, I guess I can pretend it was a cat going 'oooo oo o oOOOOOooo o oooo!' Such a weird neighbourhood!

Thought give you guys some music to listen to, and hopefully (if I get photos, or not) I can tell you guys all about my time yesterday at the vintage fair I went to and stoof, it was amazing. However I have become increasingly lazy with documenting every second of my life, and to be frank I'm sure not everyone wants to know about what I do in my spare time... Or you do, I dunno!

Anyway, keep it cool, keep it jammin' and don't eat too much tonight (or drink). Oh and don't get preggers! (When I get kids that shall be a frequent line for when they're teens headin' off to parties!)

I don't knwo what to think of this song just yet, not much love for the intro, but it is a bit of a bangin' tune when they get to the bridge bit (well the little section inbetween of the first verse and the chorus!)


Quite a sweet song to be fair

Huge lover of Summer Camp and their new album!

Like'n this too! It has interesting moments in it

it rained today, and I got grass on my trainers


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