Thursday, 25 April 2013

For No-one

Ah, to be in love. With the wind blowing in your hair and the small descents of truth petering down, through your veins. Not only Is the feeling warm like the sun, it is also wanted. There stuck in between limbo of fantasy and reality you sit watching and being. Still no other can compare to you, I see you and I think, my, they are the one to fall for, they make my eyes bleed feeling and my mouth salivate as my tongue coats my teeth in that warm dewy drop of disdain which so frequently makes me sit and wonder at your beauty. Still when I lean down into the pit, over the railings waiting, I see your eyes and your nose and I smile. For you, my dear, have the most beautiful smile and the softest look. Almost as if you were spawned from a feather, extending from its tails and branching out into a new creature. You are what we call the surrounding glory, you are what we call the mighty truth, without your breath and your courage, there would be no love. Not for you, or for me. Still that is only what we would say, as who is in love to this very day? Who reeks of the foul odour of  fidelity, who truly is coy and lively when they see the world. As well as who really is in love. Is it a feeling of the moment, or a feeling of what is to come? There I see it, the future, the warmth, the light.

Words by me.

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Piece done by Amy Ross