Sunday, 21 April 2013

In Dissaray



With a main road blocking it's entry into the main world, this derelict and desolate  carcass is rooted to the earth with the aid of mother nature. Its roof collapsed, foundations rotting and stairs peeling. Surprising to this heap of ash, small delicate features such as the synthetic gauze/lace curtain which hang down from the flaky ceiling create this quaint vibe, a feeling that someday life will return and make this shell a home. Although prominent and easily visible, once within its grasp suddenly civilisation leaves you and you suddenly feel as though you have stepped into another world, and the life you knew has come to an abrupt halt. Everything still. Everything watching. Just you and the fauna and flora. It's wrong to say a haven, as this is not a place of relaxation, for its state makes all shiver in fear of what might be around the corner. However once you turn and look, you realise that it is just a house.
Now the second place in the world where I can come and sit in solitude.
Original photography.

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Piece done by Amy Ross