Sunday, 7 April 2013

Um, yeah...

I'm sorry I haven't posted my Farm park pictures yet, I mean they're all ready to be exploited by the world wide web, however this whole site is really getting on my tits and just being a little fuck, so I unfortunately and unable to even put photos in my posts right now... I mean seriously, wh-wh-wh-why?

I'll just update you and leave on a slightly tired and sad note as my Easter holidays are unfortunately over. I've had so much fun seeing my friends and I feel slightly guilty I haven't done all of the work set by my teachers, needless to say I have done a majority of it, like I've taken a nice healthy chuck out of the cake and I'm eatin' that bitch clean off the plate. Have a nice sleep everyone, I am shattered, however I have a couple more thangs to do before I can settle into sleep-city... (sorry that was slightly ridiculous...)

I also forgot how much I love watching the film Juno, it's just so unique. And I swear  the woman who wrote the script, or the concept at least, is a real rad little filly!

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