Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I feel...

I've been living in the past a little, I re-watched Paramore's Final Riot tour and got shivers at a moment I remember loving so dearly, I listened to My Heart over 12 times yesterday and I basically reverted back to  my more innocent self. It's weird thinking back to the past, where things were so different. I think I prefer how I am now, as I am a lot more independent and I basically am just a more rounded person. I have skills which I never thought I would have, and I have things which I wouldn't ever want to trade. Though I may complain and feel and look cynical I really do think life is worth living, and although I cry at pointless things and laugh at shocking stories, I still believe I deserve to be here with you all. My life is rocky, but it's probably only because I'm making it that way. I feel that right now I could cry from perhaps happiness, or just plain contempt at how completely privileged I am to just be here. As I said, I may complain, however I do have moments, often moments, where I sit and I stare and the things around me, the things which are glorious and mean a lot to me sentimentally. I am imperfect, which is why I am so perfect. I think sometimes I give myself too much credit for the wonderful things that happen to me, and although I am writing this with a lump in my throat, just remember that life is good when you make it good. And listening to songs like this, make you feel all the more philosophical about our surroundings and personal thoughts.

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