Monday, 27 August 2012

You Are Healthy

I never get bored of Alexa. When I have style doubts or am feeling quite down I know that when I look at her I will feel instantly better. She has this gravity that gives me inspiration and really makes me feel alot happier about fashion and that going for simple clothing is okay. I've been into monotones recently and been wearing alot of black/grey/white together. Ofcourse there is the odd orange or splash of pattern thrown in there, but I find it so much nicer (for me anyway) to wear simpler and darker clothing. I've always been more of an A/W person as I prefer dark clothing and lots of layers and seeing Alexa wearing layers with dark colours makes me feel all the more confident about it!
I also like the fact that she has a chinese father and I have asian blood in me too! We both have our problems with thin hair and how trying to volumise it is an almost impossible task! Recently getting my hair dyed for the second time it's ever more Alexa style which I'm quite happy with. All I need now is a pair of winkle pickers, stick thin legs and perhaps a bit of a hair brush and we are in business!

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