Friday, 17 August 2012

It's Monday

"It's called a Monday"

After being trapped up in room for days on end doing summer work it's no wonder my brain is producing such strange oddities like It's called a Monday. I've been very very influenced by Grimes, her albums have been on loop for this entire week, and I can't stop listening to her. I have moments like this with music. During my study period the only music I listened to was Piano as this was the only music that gained me focus, and now Grimes is the only music to gain me creativity. After seeing some of Claire Boucher's other artwork it inspired me hugely to create a drawing with no sense or mind. I am pleased with the results as I'm usually a very confined drawer, I draw with one thick black line and everything has to be very precise and planned. However with Monday that was the last thing I wanted to do. I like the freedom in her and the feminism breeching through - as if you hadn't already guessed that is a labia on her head - during A-level I really want to branch out more on this style as it's also very charmaine influenced with the multiple eyes and the 'scratchy' lines. She was only a quick one, but hopefully I'll create something when I have more time with alot more detail and alot larger. Okay maybe not that large as I don't work well with big pieces of paper...


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