Wednesday, 22 August 2012

If it's green, It must be seen

During my homework over the summer in Textiles I've been asked to analyse interior magazines and how they present the feel of a room. As one of my favourite magazines happens to be about people in their personally designed homes I used apartamento as a way of finding inspiration. It's not hard as that magazine is one of the greatest things going for helping me feel motivated.

I will, and this is without a doubt, have plants wherever I meander off to. At the moment the only plants in my room are more dead than alive, however I just find them one of the most amazing objects to have in a house. Even if I'm living by myself I'll still have my plants with me. I think I'd start small/dry, basically a Cactus which needs minimal care as it's a desert plant... I just know I'm aiming to have a room filled like this one is with beautiful overflowing tins of green.

The genius of white wash walls and over the top hauding of oddities. This is true brilliance. I am myself a collector of 'junk' as others may call it. Jars, cameras, cushions you name it I'll probably collect it or atlest have it on my future collectors list... I just find this a beautiful sight, however I might dim mine down a tad to prevent a huge collection of dust, cause that's one thing I do not want to collect!

Lastly is this simply (and please don't be offended by this purposeful spelling mistake) gawjus view. Let me list the amazing sights before me if this picture isn't self explanitory enough. The high and slightly industrial ceiling, the huge windows and the different levels of the house. I love houses with levels, I think it's because I quite like steps, even though I may complain about climbing up/down stairs, I still think steps make a house so much more adventurous.  The wide windows I find amazing because I'm really digging natural light right now, and so these beauties are just making the cut perfectly. Finally the ceiling, it's large and has beams across where you can hang things.... No need for a hook! You have fucking beams, and I just adore the whole open plan look.  I think it's because this 'setting' reminds me of Ikea, and I personally love Ikea...

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