Monday, 27 August 2012


I have a new found love for the band Crystal Castles. At the moment they are just my thing, electronica/punk/grunge all of that shit really! I never used to like them at all early on in the year, I suppose then I was morely into folk and indie music. However right now I am craving alternative electronic music. It just gets my heart racing and makes me want to raaave like a fucking lunatic!
They give me the creeps a little too, but I actually find it even more attracting to their group. Their entire greasy/wasted/dark look is just fantastic, especially Alice Glass. Her hair, thin boney face and stick thin frame reminds me of that whole heroin chic shit goin' down in the mid-90's with Mossy.  I am getting real tempted to buy their Crystal Castles (II) album as I am getting quite attracted to the songs on there...

These two would have to be my favourites from them

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