Friday, 31 August 2012

This is an Un-flattering Post

Summer is coming to a close, and so is my holiday. Alot has happened over this holiday, I have come closer to some people and further away to others. I've learnt alot, including new slang words which I still find hard to use, and I feel I have spent my time well. I've been to Cyprus, 2000 Trees, London, Norfolk and bummed about at home, a perfectly good combination. Excuse for the lack of photos of my time in the summer, but since August is ending in a few short hours I might aswell share my times with you with a select of memorable snaps from my 9 weeks:

Me and Isaac havin' a whale of a time

Hannah havin' Shishaaa

Isaac and Hannah chillin' in our fucking pig sty of a tent

My sister and I gettin' tanned in Cyprus

My friend Daisy in the sunshine(and shade) on our picnic

Havin' a quick spin on the ol' Penny

My lovely chum made me a 'curvy' mermaid

A camera Obscura on the beach (I felt like a bit of a perv lookin' at peeps on the beach...)

Me chums Louis and Ali being absolute tits.

My derlin' Hannah being her usual beautiful self
Yes, ten very un-flattering photos of what went down on my longest summer holiday ever! I have a shit loada memories and a ton of pictures on my walls documenting the glorious moments of this impossibly strange time. I will miss staying up until midnight at a friends house talking and watching films, I will miss the spontinuety of all my meetings, I will miss the closeness I have experienced this holiday and I will miss the idea of having 9 weeks to being free... Although I'm pretty excited to have a fresh start in Sixth-Form. I hope you all had a brilliant holiday and good luck for this next year coming up!

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