Friday, 24 August 2012

Films For a (non)Fanatic

I'm not a huge film fanatic like some of my friends. Although I do love a good film on most occasions.

Being a lesser film fan than most people I don't often visit the cinema. I didn't go and see Batman, or Spiderman or Green Lantern or Magic Mike or Ted, I'm not completely sure why I just can't seem to muster up the appeal or the energy to spend my money on going ot the cinema that often. Because of this attitude I have I guess I don't really broaden my views on film, I only have a very limited few which I would recommened to people and most of them being of the same genre/similar plot. At the moment I'm loving school films, ones which deal with teenagers agnst and feelings, this includes Jesus H Christ, That's What I Am, Submarine & The Art of Getting By. As you can probably guess they all mainly hold some kind of teen romance as, even though I may deny it, I am a romantic as heart... I think I find the films engaging because a sense of me can relate to the problems they face, or atleast my heart goes out the protagonists of the film.  I realise they are a tad boring/thoughtful for some people however I always find myself really loving them. I know once I get older my perspective on films will change either drastically or minimally, however for now I'm sticking with my romances as I really am a bit of a girly girl...

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