Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Third Eye/////Geidi//Halfaxa

I cannot get over the beauty of this song. Claire Boucher you have out done yourself! Even though this song appears on her second album Halfaxa I think it's the most fantastic thing I have ever heard in a while. If you do read my blog I'm guessing most of you know my love for Grimes, she is genuinely a musical genius and I find her music so organic. She herself is truely an inspiration, stumbling her way into the music industry rather than pushing. The best thing for me to happen this year would be seeing her perform her newest album Visions live, however I haven't been able to buy a ticket or find someone to drag along whom I know is a true Grimes enthusiast.

When I bought her vinyl after just recieving my fidelity I found her music strange, however overtime her music has grown on me immensely, so much so that I'm probably going to go into town tomorrow (despite going today already) (This is an hour after I wrote this post. I went out and bought the CD...) and buying her beautiful album Halfaxa as it is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. If you don't know of Grimes I advise you listen if you're into Ethereal/Industrial/Surrealist, she is just incred!

What tops off her music is the artwork. I know that she designed herself the album cover for Visions which is very stylised, I'm guessing she has done the same for Halfaxa and Geidi Primes. Anyway, Claire Boucher, I think you are better than anything I've ever heard.

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