Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skeleton Boy



I find it so fascinating, the skeleton can be represented as both something very beautiful or something horrific and sinful.  The skeleton is majorly known as the parader of death. The one who allows humans to see the death within a decomposed body. However they are contradictory, as a skeleton in itself is immortal, never breaking down, all preserved in the pressed down heaps of earth.  They lay there, silently and gracefully. Allowing there soul to be freed, and their bones to remain.  Even though they may look like a former human or animal, they bring no harm. So many films and stories created around the idea that skeletons are ready to kill in the dead of night. When we all known deep in our brains that they are nothing more than calcium and protein. They cannot kill. So why are we so afraid of them? Why do we allow our inner feelings affect the way we see these harmless fragments of life? 

Afterall we all have them inside of us, right now as I type I'm using my phalange bones (Hooray for Pheobe Bouffay!) in my fingers. Bones are just functional, they keep our bodies upright and protect our internal organs, so why do we see them a horror symbol. A sign of evil, some may say. 

However not all humans or holidays are surrounded on the theme of skeletones as a bad creature. Holidays such as Day of the Dead celebrate their deceased relatives and life in general, hosting parties in cemetries and eating skeleton themed food. So Not everyone believe that skeletons are evil, heck I think they're amazing. And even though I do get scared of seeing 'zombies' and what not it does not change my mind and make me believe that skeletons can harm me. WHen I'm only I'm sure I'll have plenty of skulls lying all over the place. Ofcourse not human skulls, now that would be weird!


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