Friday, 3 February 2012

Girl crush


Have you guys ever had the question on who your girl crush is? Well as my friends and I were discussing over lunch the other day it got me really thinking. My immediate response was Beth Jeans Houghton, however now that I think it over through and through I've realised that Florence Welch plays a big part on me aswell. She's not the type of person who I would sate if I was a boy, however she is someone who I wish was my older sister. She is so lively, and would take me to the most amazing places in New York and Tokyo when she went on tour. Watching her laugh and dance infront of me and chatting to her in-between her recording her songs would be incredible. A day with Florence Welch would be wonderful. Not a day with her working, but a free day she may have when touring in another country, a day when we can go shopping together, have icecream in the park and go trapsing through the markets in the city centre. She truely is an inspiring woman, and everytime I look at her I think about how wonderful she would be to be around. Florence Welch I salute your beauty and your originality! You are truly an inspiration. So, who are your girl crushes?



  1. I totally agree, Florence is awesome!
    I'd say mine are Patti Smith and Taylor Momsen, I know they are completely different from each other but both are amazingly inspiring to me! xx

  2. I love Florence too! She's so amazing. xx


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