Sunday, 5 February 2012



I went on a shoot with my friend Hannah at Hannah Williams Photography for a bit in the morning yeasterday. And it was bloody freezing. I'm not even joking, I never thought that I would be standing in a feild in a pair of shorts and a bra in the midst of winter changing into different clothes! The reason we went so early was because of the sun, we thought we would get loads of backlight shots, but by the time we got up there it was all cloudy and chilly.
Anyway, we took the polaroid and had a couple of shots with it up there, and these were the results. I prefer the right one as I think the flash was at a minimal and al the colours worked well together, although my face looks a little sombre...
Sadly through the lack of internet she hasn't uploaded any of the photos on her facebook page, but y' never know, something groovy may happen over the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled if anything does spruce up! Happy February everyone, I turn 16 in 11 days! Exciting shiiiz.


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  1. These are both such gorgeous pictures! Not sure i'd be brave enough to go out in my underwear in that cold weather though! haha



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