Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Run Rabbit Run


Just a couple of shots from some filming I did today, I also took photographs of my friends with the remainder of my polaroid film. I have such a brilliant time, as one of the I hadn't really hung out with for ages, and the other is sort of a new friend so it was so nice just getting along, filming and getting my art done all in one go. It was pretty chilly though and my panda bear back pack's zip broke so I'm going to have to do some DIY to fix it. And I got the cutest picture of my friend wearing him. The reason behind it was when I was filming I had to walk backwards and my camera was in the way so I couldn't wear my back pack on frontwards so my little buddy opted to wear him! Was successful though, and I had a brilliant time. I love friends, what do you guys love right now?

Bless 'im...


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