Monday, 20 February 2012

Boys boys boys


Ahh the simple attractiveness of boys in shirts, I mean I'm all open to free will and people can do what they want, but from my perspective it's always occured to me that boys in shirrts are a lovely mix. Not just the simple cliche button up edgey look, I'm talking open buttons, one button, ties, bows, scarves, anything, you boys look good in 'em! I suppose it's not just shirts it's alot of things that get my heasrt racing at the sight of a well attired man but shirts, are so dapper you could not get more groovy. It can be checkered, plain, stripey, spotty, floral, bright or dull, any style does it for me! This may sound like some kind of horney post, but it ain't. It's adressing the male youth of today to get fashionable man! Now it sounds completely shallow, but I mean it boys. Even though male clothing shops can be hard to come by that are affordable, especially in cheltenham. But trust me, do with the basics. Here I'll make a list:

1. Breton tops - so simple but are beautiful!
2. Blazers - I'm not talking 1980's I'm talking anything, tweed, grey, blazers look snazz
3. Jumpers - Let's be honest a boy in a jumper is lovely, go out and get yourself a nice simple one that can be taken casual or 'formal'.
4. skinnies/straight leg jeans - strut your legs boys, morst of you have lovely ankles so flaunt them, meaning if you're daring, try out shorts!
5. Deck shoes - They are so amazing, will last you so an investment and plus they look great with almost everything, a real 'every boy' kind of shoe.
6. Vans - Again may be expensive, but think of it as an investment! They will last you a shit loada time.
7. Cardigan - Some of you may think this is 'gay', however just pick up a simple grey one, for light layers and to add 'dimension' to your outfit. For those of you who wanna go all vintage, pick up yourself a patterned one/cable knit. No problem with going a little wild.
8. A dad shirt - Sounds weird but hear me out, every dad needs a hideous shirt, much like every boy needs something insane in his wardrobe. Go out to a vintage fair/highstreet store and pick out yourself something you KNOW not everyone will have, wacky or bright, just try and get something to spice up your outfit!
9. Denim Jacket - Preferably Levi's, they are an amazing statement piece, and again come casual or 'formal' they look good with almot everything.
10. The man bag - And before you get all 'that's gay'on me, let me just say this. Bags. Are. Cool. Just get yourself an over the shoulder bag and chuck all your shit in it for the day. Trust me you don't look silly boys, you look good, plus saves you from being robbed eh? (And for those who wanna try out a little bit of a vintage flare try a brief case/doctor's bag they catch people's attention and really make you look alternative!)
11.  Desert boots - They. Are. Beautiful.  A couple of my friends wear them and they are a great alternative to the usual daps, however aren't as in your face as winkle pickers!
12. A hat - Make it casual, my sister wears alot of stylish bobble hats and they definately add something to her everyday denim jacket and skirt option. Ofcourse, bowler hats, pork pies, baseball caps and flat caps look good! Just for god's sake boys if you're going to get a porker get a shapely one, trust me, sometimes, people can buy porkers and they just are not the right shape/colour.
13. A snazzy belt - studded, batman clasp, diesal, vintage, stripey. Belts can be a really groovy addition to your outfits. Plus keeps the draw outta sight if you catch my drift.
14. Finally, (for those of you who are daring enough) The Creeper Shoes, now this is a tricky one, only certain blokes can pull these bad boys off, they are of the sort who think drainpipes are the baggy side of jeans. Don't try it if you're not confident enough, however a nice alternative are the Doc Marten shoes, they look good and never go out of style trust me!

So those were only a few everyday tips, I know you guys who follow me are 99-100% girls, but get your boyfriend to read this or a friend of yours and try and style them up a bit. I know my list may only appeal to a very small percentage of boys, but for those of you are thinking 'hmm yeah, maybe I should try out these _____, oh and this _____ sounds rad, maybe I should try it out too' Do do! I'm not saying looking good is the only option for you boys, but I think people feel more confident when in clothes they think make them look good, I know I feel tons better when I put on a skirt and adrians on, I feel all 'hip' and happy. So if you're in a piddle then stop by and read my list of some basic essentials you could add to your wardrobe to add a little flare to your everyday wear! Please don't start sending me any comments claiming I'm being too stereotypical or I'm being rude to those boys who don't want to change. This is just my opinion on what I think make a boy look good 'tis all. Happy Monday everyone, and comment saying what you think is good in a man's wardrobe!


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