Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

'Sup guys, hope everyone had a devine Saturday, mine was quite lazy and relaxing, watched Pretty in Pink for the second time running today! I must say, Andie has incredible style, I wish I was as creative as she is with her sewing machine, but it got me thinking about money alot, and how much you can save from buying things at charity shops, thrift stores, cheap vintage markets and makin' your own customed clothing. So I was prety impressed with it all. And I love Duckie (The Duck Man) he is so groovy and funny! Plus his clothing is amazing. In fact I have to show you this one clip that makes me smile everytime! He reminds me of my friend Isaac a little, maybe it's their dorkyness or just the fact that they look similar, either way I can't believe Duckie is the guy from Two and a Half Men!

Doesn't it just make you giggle that slightest? Sure makes me.


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