Sunday, 19 February 2012

Finer Detail


Sometimes it's the small detail that counts in someone's room. Whether it be a selection of tickets collected from over the years bus tickets, concerts, festivals, or boxes from collectables to cardboard. Fine detail can really tell you alot about that individual. Alot of my friends are like that. For example if you go to Daisy's (my friend) room, she has a whole shelf dedicated to the small things that she's collected over the years. Small crystal animals, dolls house furnishings, trinket boxes with glass beads in them and wooden boxes filled with notes and small bits and pieces she's proudly found over her adverturous years as a child. That whole shelf just displays the type of person she is, and in every nook and cranny describes a little something more about her personality, well to be honest her whole room's like that with her copious amounts of antique jewellery pinned to a vintage french clothes mannequin and her steam punk inspired clothing, it's all in the fine detail that allows you to see her characteristics in more depth.

I think of a room and a sanctury, it should be detailed to the way you want it. Your room is, in a way, beacon in which you can display your greatest interests and allows people to get to know you better. That's why I also like to collect odds things when I go out to car boot sales, charity shops and vintage fairs.  I'm pretty sure I can tell you about every piece in my room, as it all has a miniture history. It can also be a great ice breaker aswell. Nothing excites me more than stepping foot into a new friend's room because it lets me know what they like and how they live. For instance my room, although filled to the high heavens with trinkets, is pretty clean showing that I'm a little bit of a neat freak.

I read an article once talking about the teenage brain and why we obssesively buy posters for our rooms. 'Cause if you think about it, as teenagers the only 'personal' living space we get is our bedrooms, therefore because of our parading personalities we feel it neccesary to override the walls with bands posters, film posters and photography posters, as teenagers posters are a cheap way of decoration therefore, ofcourse we're all going to use them! 'Posters are a much less neuteral form of decoration than prints in that their aim is either to sell or tell you something, which means that if you put up a poster you've got to believe in it. They put a claim on your identity, and therefore are perfect for the stereotypical teen desperate to present an image of themselves to the wider world and to persuade themselves of their own identity.' (Apartamento)

It's true, we all want to become individual, and a room is the only space us teenagers can do it. That's why I think I buy so many trinkets, heck they're like my own personal form of a band poster, as I don't have that many posters in my room, well not your typical posters, apart from a Vampire Weekend one. But I mean come on gimme a break I got it free with a CD!


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