Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wutt 14?

Darn it to heck yo it's almost like I'm a mother who has abandoned her sweet sweet young in the damp cool of these past months! Don't worry babies, mummas home, and she's made some tea for us all to just sit and chill out for a second. In my last post I vaguely explained why I have not been on da webz in a while, and that is simply still the reason. It began to feel like nothing I was doing was good enough to blog. I stopped buying/searching for new music and I started to become a little bit more involved in other things? I don't really know what, but I lost interest in my blog for a bit, and I'm sorry. I got a very sweet comment from an anonymous reader, and to them I say thank you because it was nice to know that what I had to say interested them enough to make them want more. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas (if you celebrate it) and your night last night wasn't too wild! I ended up just dancing a lot and making cocktails with my friends, which was well fun.

Do I have any expectations for 2014? I suppose I do. I am becoming and adult soon, which is freaky as I should not be unloaded with all of that responsibility. I am hoping I complete my sixth form with grades I deserve and am happy with, I am hoping to have a long and eventful summer as I am planning many things. I am also hoping to have a good foundation course and really just be happy as the first half of 2013 was met with a lot of sadness and pressure. I know there will still be some of that this year, but I'm hoping it'll be more like is has been for me these past few months where I have just taken deep breaths and become passionate for the things I love to do.

As a catch up for you all I now have a new job in another shop in my town. It's so nice to do something different and for the couple of months where I didn't have work I realized how much I enjoyed being part of a company and doing something outside of school. So much so that I want to do a little bit of extra curriculum, whether it be joining classes or a club, I don't know. I also have been scoping around many universities these past few months and my future is beginning to shape a little bit which is exciting. Really I've just grown, I have grown a lot. Maybe not physically, or very much to my friends but I have become more confident, and not in a cocky way.

So to end what seems like a long post, I hope you all see more of me next year and that you stick around for more posts on my simple and slightly uneventful life.

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