Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Body Language

Ya hey everybody, deadlines are coming up and I am having mini freak outs here and there trying to get my work done, however over the weekend I did do lots of little bits to finish my Textiles off and if I remember correctly I said I would share my work with y'all!

For my Textiles I was able to decide what topic I wanted to focus on, and I chose the human anatomy. At first it was a bit daunting trying to figure out how to depict the human body without it looking twee and cute. It's been a long journey but I am almost there. Now my final piece isn't actually finished, but all the components are. Hopefully once I finish in school I can show you all the finished product. What I really enjoyed about this project was the huge amounts of fabric construction I did during it, this includes hefty amounts of knitting, weaving and felting. Overall I am pleased with the results of the piece and I can't wait to see her hanging with all her bits and pieces in tact.

So this is the torso, which was created through machine embroidery, dissolving fabric, knitting and couching. The idea is so you can see through her, and the organs will all be chillin' behind.  

These are the lungs which consist of a wire structure (for shape and sizing), knitting with 12mm needles and handmade yarns, weaving with wool, yarns and dyed muslin, topped off with a little bit of french knitting (for the trachea part). 

My Stomach was made by using Priscilla Jones' technique of painting wax onto fabric which is layered over a wire structure. A few months ago I made this during a tres groovy workshop with her.

I then made the small and large intestines. The small intestines were made from dyed-muslin yarns which had been french-knitted into a huuge tube and gathered/ruched together to create the lumpy effect. The large intestines were also made from dyed-muslin yarns, however the yarns were boung round thick cord and wire then plaited together for a different texture. 

I have made a heart, but sadly I have noticed a couple of things which could be improved on, so I'm just havin' a little tweek right now. Anyway I hope you have found my coursework unit interesting and I hope to share my art final piece with you all.

Also I have been absolutely obsessed with these two Bon Iver songs for the past 24 hours, especially Holocene as it just is so subtly intense! Do ya get meh?

All she needs is a name now, what should we call her guys?

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  1. claudia thats CRAZY GOOD! i want a room in my house just of your art work. i'll be buying your stuff when you're rich and famous and you'll be my claim to fame ;)
    ellie; lunatheblog


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