Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January Blues

So here we are again... January, apparently the most depressing month of the year. For me it's not really that depressing just stressful, as all of my coursework is in for the end of the month and I has sooo much to do it's cray-hay! Just expect very sporadic, if any, posts from me. Anyway, I hope you are all not feeling too blue, it'll all be getting better and warmer and soon the summer will be here and freedom will be upon us!

Throughout these pasts few weeks surrounding Christmas I have really displayed a sense of introversion, cooping myself up in the house and doing work, thinking. This thinking has lead me to staying awake for ages at night and writing out some of these silly thoughts. Sometimes I wish I would stop doing that and let my head go blank as it really just takes up so much time and effort, and in the end, when I wake up, I've changed my mind about everything it's so ridiculous. Luckily my Rookie Yearbook Two has kept my mind off of 'serious' matters which are filling my brain and letting me explore others avenues and think up different scenarios, I don't know I'm just such a goober.

Au revoir


  1. Its seems like loud of people get the January Blues but Ive just been getting loads of work lately! Great blog :)
    Sofia x

    1. Thank you so much Sofia, nice to see you havin' a snoop about ;)
      That's good, everything does go by so much faster when you have loads of work. In a way that's bad for me, because I have no idea where the time goes! It's crazy


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