Sunday, 5 January 2014


I hope you all are snuggled inside right now, as for me it is just disgusting weather and going outside is as uninviting as eating poisoness frogs... Yeah, I know. Whilst I've been inside I've been having a little browse around in the musical section, seeing I haven't bought any music in just so long! Already knowing about her from Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties" I have really been loving the music of German singer Nico. She has such a low husky voice and frankly is so endearing, just listening to her album Chelsea girl actually does make me want to go out and buy it. What lead me back to her was the green line bus scene in The Royal Tenenbaums as not only is it a lovely scene between Margo and Richie, it also has Nico's voice lightly sprinkled on top of it, making it all the more romantic. 

Seriously peeps? Can you not hear that magic, there's just such consistency to her voice and the song.


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