Friday, 3 January 2014

Supernatural Meaning

As you all know I love my jewellery, and this especially includes rings! Heck I've been collecting rings for almost four years, which is a long time for me. Over that period of time I have collected 44-45 rings, with a selection of them going missing, which I am still really sad about, leaving me with a mere 42, I know right, that's hardly any. Anyway over this festive period (I feel a bit cheesy calling it that...) two new rings seemed to have found their way into my clutches and I have been obsessively wearing them for the past week or so.

The first one is the eye ring (on the right) which I received from mumma Panda for Christmas. I like to think of it as a cousin to the Turkish Evil Eye, a symbol which I would imagine a lot of you being familiar with. If not, it's basically a blue rounded pendent with a white dot in the centre enclosing a smaller black dot, making it look like an eye. It's used as a pendent to warn off evil and keep the wearer safe, which I think is real nice of dat eye. Seeing as eyes are also my favourite organ in the body and has a general pleasing aesthetic and I am super happy to be parading round my little peeper to keep my protected.

The next ring is known as a Claddagh ring (on the left) which fell into paws from my lovely sister, who spent a lot of her time in Ireland and bought this ring when she was very young. Not needing it anymore she passed it onto me. I've been wanting a Claddagh ring for a while, however never knowing when to buy one, but that has made me so happy as having hers feels a lot more special and since it's a real Irish one it's also more traditional. For those of you who also are not sure what a Claddagh ring is, they are a traditional Irish ring, first made in the village of Claddagh in Ireland and represent love, friendship and loyalty (the hands are friendship, the heart is love and the crown is loyalty). I decided to photograph it upside down as I wear it the way my sister taught me (sounds like a Beyonce song...) when one wears it so the heart is pointed outwards it means their heart is not taken or in modern terms 'I is available!' and when in love it's worn so the heart is pointed towards the wearer. Seeing as I am not in love at the moment I wear it upside-down. Whereas my sister wears hers the right way round.

I do love rings, but I adore rings with meaning as there is a certain air about them which makes them all the more fascinating. Much like my friend has a pendent my friend and I bought her which she never takes off, including one her boyfriend bought her, or like a ring my mother gave me which I never go a day without wearing. These kinds of pieces are so lovely to have as they symbolize something more than just consumerism (gettin' deep here!), they give you a more sentimental eye for those few things which cannot be replaced by money.

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