Sunday, 26 January 2014

Où & Quand?

Ah, I just absolutely adore the film Amelie. I remember my friend always telling me to watch it years ago, and I used to see it in charity shops however I never bought it. I'm so glad I did though as it is one of my favourite films now. Everything about it makes me happy, and considering I've had quite a hectic month, week... day! It's nice to feel all warm and romantic by the end of it all. Not only does the fact that it's French make me want to melt, but the endearing style and characters are just raad. With lucid colours and odd camera angels this film just screams France to me. All the different and unique characters on the other hand are just so charming and shy that it makes me feel better about myself when I'm faced with situations like theirs, particularly Amelie. The story line as well is just fantastique! So many small things happen which create such a glowing atmosphere that I just want to drink up this world that they all live in. Oh my, how everything seems so sweet in their world of introversion.

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