Sunday, 30 September 2012


Yesterday I culturally enriched myself and went along to Gloucester's Guildhall Underground festival, which wa brilliant. Unfortunately you will all have to wait for the photos to get developed before I show you, however I will leave with some music tracks which were featured yesterday from the lovely lads playing.

1. Swim Deep - King City
Even though claiming themselves to be a little hungover that evening they were glorious, King City was beautifully played and it was a real adrenalin rush to be smiled and pointed at by the lead singer for noticing me in the front row. After their gig I performed my duties as an obsessed fangirl and waited for them to pack up and have a drink so I could have some snaps with them which I'm excited about seeing soon.
2. B∆STILLE - Of The Night

As the final act of the night these lads were pretty rad, they created a fantastic atmosphere and had a nice sound which differed from that typical Indie boy band image, mixing their music with some electronica.  Although it was safe to say by the time they came on at 10 I was pretty zonked and after hearing eight other indie boy bands I felt like going a little crazy.
3. Last Dinosaurs - Honolulu

Ah these Australian beauties were very enchanting, I found their image and their sound all very endearing. They took a nice turn on the overridden English Indie boy band look and were just lovely to be frank.  I wil definately be buying their album when it comes out in a week. Even though they do have slight generic influences it's nice chilling out music.
4. PEACE - Bloodshake
These guys were joyfully playing whilst I was waiting for Swim Deep and they sounded brilliant live, I feel a little bad for not fully appreciating their music, but from what I remember they were r8 good...
5. The Struts - I Just Know

Oh wow, these eccentric laddies. At first I didn't know whether to take their image and music seriously, but after a while I warmed up to their incredibly wild personalities! They put on an amazing set, and although their music isn't my style I still appreciate it.
Photos coming soon.

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