Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bleeding Unicorn

Models own in Ibiza Mix and Indian Ocean


I couldn't resist talking about the amazing creation (and nail saver) that is the brand Models Own. When I say saver, I don't mean nail repairer. I'm talking about turning your drab nails into sensationally incredable pieces of lush-ness (even though none of that is very mature sounding). With the two I bought I have been telling many people that I either feel like a mermaid or that I have 'unicorn blood' on my finger nails. The colours 'Indian Ocean' and 'Ibiza Mix' really compliment eachother and create this mystical, dream-like vibe which I find just beautiful. I'm not much of a light colour nail polish person, I prefer blacks, midnight blues and burgundys, so this is a very rare moment for me. Obviously being a girl I am hugely attracted to glitter, so that was an obvious sign to buy the Ibiza Mix (even my guy-friend Louis rates it!), but if you look at Indian Ocean, well it was just one of the most attracting nail polishes I had seen in a long time. They are quite steep at five pounds per colour, however I've been wearing it for almost five days now and they have only just started wearing away, that's right, not chipping, but wearing away! So seriously people, next time you have some spare cash on you, or you want a little pick-me-up then I recommened you delve into Models Own broad collection of nail polishes and have a ponder. I found mine in Boots, so look in your local one and ASOS do a small selection of colours aswell. So even though I've already spent ten pounds on there polishes, I'm thinking of buying their Disco Heaven (or something) next...

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