Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Need A Doctor




Mary Jane's

Okay, I have a slight Doc Martens obsession. So much so that I now am a proud owner of five different types of docccs...I know, amazing! My first pair were the boots, ah the Doc Martens boot, so beautiful and comfy. Then went the Mary Janes, the Adrians, the Suedes and now the 1461s! At least it's a sensible shoe which I am obsessed with and not some ballet flats that last a week! I have been wearing docs for over two years now and they have never failed me. They always fit my abnormally wide foot and are just the comfiest shoes known to human kind! I am surprised I have come this far and not bought a pair of extremely outlandish ones! However most of these shoes (apart from my Suedes) have cost me around fourty pounds each, which isn't the cheapest thing ever, so when I do buy them I try to keep it simple and stick with the classics. My Mary Jane's are probably the most 'outrageous' of them all and that's just because they're green! If I were to re-order them then I would've bought them in brown. I am a very Brown/Black shoe person, as are most people I suppose. Anyhow I just think Doc Martens are the shoe for me, and aside from my Creepers and 90's chunky shoes I wear my Docs more than anything. Now thanks to school I can wear them even more, which I am ecstatic about. You know what they say, you can never have too many shoes Doc Martens!

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