Sunday, 16 September 2012


Yesterday I went on a glorious trip down to London's Kew gardens with my chums. It was absolutely beautiful there and I got some fantastic shots, not only on polaroid but on digi too! I'll share with you a couple of my 'pro' shots later on perhaps, however for now I think it's nice to see the film I shot. I absolutely just fell in love with all of the greenhouses in Kew, telling people that my house will just be like a giant greenhouse when I'm older. I just felt like the atmosphere was tranquil yet there was still alot going on around you with the ferns tapping your shoulder and the creepers wriggling down to greet you from the ceilings. Even though there was five of us, Hannah and I split from the boys and decided to have adventures of our own. By the end of the day we got very tired and everytime Hannah and I were laughing we had to find a bench to sit on or a patch of grass that wasn't stained with bird shit, because we simply had no energy to stand up!  It was a wonderful day and I'm happy I recorded it all with my cameras. Also I hope you like the new header, I thought it was time for a little bit of a re-vamp and found this vine photo taken on my 600 so beautiful.
*Also, funny story. Hannah and I were trying to 'observe' wildlife, so when she saw two pigeons perching on a stone feature next to a pond she slowly started creeping up to them (I have no idea why). As she got closer and closer the two birds began to fidget quite alot, patting their little feet on the stone. Then one of them got so nervous that it shit itself. Obviously Hannah and I squawked with laughter at this and both birds flew away. I don't think they flew away because they were scared though... I think they flew away from the embarrassment. Who knows...*


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