Saturday, 5 February 2011

The silver crosses

I hope you guys experoenced the adorableness that was of a tickled slow lorris I posted up a few hours ago Thank you to Spence. for showing me this wonderful littlle video! So I went to the shop in town yesterday and alot of things happened there, I can't even begin to explain, but I finally chose my ring with some of the last christmas money I have! It is absolutely beautiful and my mother bought herself this gorgoues one, it looks so delicate, as it is made out of little 3mm heart all the way round, with a hallow inside. It seriously makes her hands look so feminine! There were many rings I adored so as a little early birthday treat mama said she would buy me one, and said whenever someone shall ask you about it or you're going to a new place and I'm nervous I can just look at it and think of her.  Here is a photo of them both on my glorious man hands:

It's not that I'm extremely manly, I just think my hands a tinsey bit meaty/beefy, as sometimes if I put a ring on the wrong finger it would splurge over and...yeah not a pretty sight!  Today I was lounging about in my PJ's until two o'clock in the afternoon when my sister rang a asked if I wanted to go a bit of charity shop hungting with them for a tad, I hadn't had anything planned so I went along and bought this beauty in sue ryder!
It's silver and everything and only four.ninety-five so how could I refuse that (I think I'm going to start writing prices like that on here because it looks kind of cool). It also is very delicate and now one of my favourite necklaces, as I more of  silver person and it will go with anything! So today was radddddddd!

But also sad as today was the last day of house of pandora's opening after tomorrow shall no longer exist, I am so gutted. :'(

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