Thursday, 3 February 2011

Man on the moon

Hello, ooooh 13 days until my day of birth celebration! And less than thirty days until my last two science GCSE's of the year, I better begin to hit the books.  This year I feel I've been good with my christmas money as I still have a little smidge left and I thought that I shall ivest in buying myself another gorgeous ring for my collection,  I do have so many beautiful rings any they're all so lovely! However they're all very detailed and are rather petite in size, so I had a little brainstorm and thought the next ring I buy shall have a bigger stone and be a little more of a center piece to my hand.  And I've always loved moon stone so hopefully with my luck and can find a nice one in this small corner shop near town. It's also a little well done to myself for getting good target grades in my report form school. tehe.

I found these pictures of rings too, and I simply think the tea one is absolutely precious, it's so adorable! 



  1. love the tea cup ring:)

  2. Oh wow, I need that ring in my life! Thanks fo your sweet comment, I'm not sure what a waxxy is, but my coat was from a charity shop sp maybe?! Haha let me know!

    The Flower Girl


  3. Oh that teacup ring is just adorable!

    ...I know this is random but I read on your profile that you think slow loris' are cute and I just had to show you this video (you may hav seen it already lol) but it's so unbelieveably adorable...



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