Thursday, 10 February 2011


I don't know what I'm writing right now, but I feel so emotional, I love to right stories, I always have, it's one of my favourite things in the world, and I have developed such a good range of vocabulary and sense of imagination, I do think my stories are good. And one day I want to be able to publish a one hit wonder.  I love books that have passion inside them, and this helps me reflect the stories I right, sometimes I write things that break my heart and make me cry because I set myself in their shoes and feel the pain I'm making my character feel, sometimes when I come home from school I have to just let my creative juices flow and type out a scene that I've been thinking about in my mind.

 However with a book I do love a happy ending, however I think it's so much more real to leave it in sorrow or shock because this would help the reader ingage in what you're writing, this will let them think about the characters situation and consider about what's just happened. Also the best books are the simplest ones, the ones that have so little in them, ones that mainly consisting in thinking and looking into the characters past, shwoing how they became the person they are now. I never like to write about people commiting suicide or purposely self harming themselves and acting depressed because that won't stay in your mind, there are so many books out like that, that another would just brush by you like a breeze. I like to write about people who aren't perfect, who DO have flaws and like to have everything on the right of their desk or who arrange their spreads in the cupboard in alpebetical order.  Because these people do exist, these strange and wonderful people are real.  So instead of self harming I refer to them as slightly odd, and who are happy most of the time but sometimes like to become a little bit serious. People who love to remember the past. Because that's who I am, I love thinking about when I was eleven and I was just dying to start secondary school, I like to cringe about all the embarrasing things I thought were cool back then, because all of these considerations help me put feeling and life into a character.

And this may seem odd to read but I absolutely adore couple who support each other in a book, who have issues and argue all the time. But when they have their akward moments, the tension is so great, and when they're in great pain or upset they express all there anger out into love and have this amazing connection between them.  But that's not the odd bit because when I write about my characters who love each other with their bodies and souls I always use 'sex' or 'making love' as the object of passion.  Because it is! It's not just a one night stand It's suppose to be something passionate and amazing, and when I read or write about the sex, I don't go into detail because that's basically just like porn in a way, I leave it to once sentance like. "He kissed her passionately, and the rest just flowed." Just something like that, I couldn't think of anything else, I'm sorry that was terrible, I'm never going to get a one hit wonder now! 

But basically when I do publish a book, it'll leave situations unsaid and the ending won't be happy, it'll be a thinker... Speaking of thinking I think I've just had an idea on a new little section for my blog... I'll work on the name and tell you guys more about it in a bit. But please comment and tell me what books you like to read??

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