Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Peter Rabbit wasn't good enough

I'm so there are so many pictures, once I found one I was busy getting another, and by the time I knew it I had a massive bunch!! How have you all been gorgeous'? I'm excited to be writing my first Little Miss. Ramble column on Friday, I hope you all will love it too.  This week's one will be a pilot so please comment and tell me if you'd like so see more!

I'm a bit annoyed though because I don't know how you get rid of the annoying little border around the pictures and I've been on so many websites that tell you how to do it!  The only problem is when I do touch the HTML my whole blog evaporates and I can to undo all the edits I've tried, and the boxes are just driving me crazy! So please if you know how, please please tell me what to do, They just look so unprofessional and are really getting on my burks!

Yesterday I went to town after having a breather from revising (yes it's that time of the year again!) And went into a charity book shop and found the most wonderful little childrens poem book, and another about a man from the war who would send his children postcards with little pen drawings he'd done himself, I'm going to have to show you soon! I'm also excited because I've been thinking of another little section of my blog I could share with you YAY! I'm not sure if it's too soon though, It's just I really would love to give some shape to my blog instead of just writing when something slightly interesting happens, so I think by have sectionns I might get you all alot more interested in reading my blog!!!

And don't you think the bunnies are adorable, I'd love to have a shirt like in picture three, (from the top) it's wonderful and ugh I loove rabbits, bye everyone, was just an update from what was going on today, back to making some flash cards for revision....



  1. that first picture is adorable claudia! <3

  2. Such adorable photos! I want a rabbit so I can carry it around in my hood x

  3. those pictures are super cute! I love the one with the rabbit print dress! adorable!
    I have wanted a rabbit for ages and ages but we haven't a decent garden for it </3
    I love your blog! and i'm looking forward to your sections! x

  4. thank-you for the comment,
    aww thank-you claudia that's really sweet of you! <3


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