Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Halloween is just around the corner ??

Hi guys, I just noticed I've got a lovely rounded figure of followers, and I always love to hear your feed back on what you liked or didn't in a recent post, so please give me some opinions on my blog and how you think it's going! I'm still not sure whether to do anything on the side, it'slike you get a side dish with a meal and you don't know whether to eat it, so for now I'm just going to have the main you know? Or is that just completely wrong?

Anyway thank you, I really love getting new follwers, the family is growing guys!  I was just searching round the music channels on TV today and  went onto 'Kerrang' to bring back memories and Marilyn Manson came on, now I'm sure you'll agree with me as much as the next person when I say that he looks like he's stepped out of Halloween town in The nightmare before christmas (wonderful film) but I feel he is passionate about music in a very, knife jabbing, heart ripping, soul wrenching kind of way, he may seem scary and adolescent but I do have resepct for his music and back in the good 'ol days I thought he was fantastic! I don't know much about him or his past, or even about his music too much, I just knew that if one of his songs came on I would never be quick to turn over the channel!  

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