Monday, 17 January 2011

I'm still your fag

Hello, do you remember yesterday I wrote a small little one liner blog about those songs that can make you feel a little emotional, well I was listening to this song last night which gave me the little thought to just proclaim it to my lovely little family of followers!

I still get this small lump in my throat when I hear it, because you hear alot of love ballards which are all bubble gum pop and PG appropriate, and when I stumbled across this band on one of my friends on face book I thought I'd see what other songs they had, and I'm like the next person on looking at new bands really I just typed in their name on youtube and clicked on what sounded good. But oh what a click it was, even watching the video is wonderful, because I just found it wasn't you standerd girl on boy romance it was this romance between to opposites of the same sex, it just made me whell up all inside it did, it was this raw conecction between the two characters and the lyrics don't involve any of those sicky, guuky (really appropriate english language used in this!) lyrics you know they're just saying to sell their songs.Instead they've been replaced but dirty yet beautiful, meaningful words and if you have the time to look at them do, because they stick so well with the video.

I'm happy also because all weekend I've been expanding my music library on itunes and trying out new bands, sounds and I quite love the music I have right now, I feel it suits my personality more that before. Because I'd just put on what I thought other people would find was 'good taste in music' and pretend I was in love with grunge metal like iron maiden and slipknot, but after a while I was just thinking, ugh, no!


  1. thank-you for you comment :]
    hehe aw, claudia of course i'd want to talk to you! why wouldn't i? aw thank-you very much, haha of course you can say what you like! i'm pleased you think that, people tend to think i'm dense if anything.. and i love our art room banter xx

  2. i have a few songs that make me feel emotional. great post

    F. ( x


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