Thursday, 27 January 2011

Austin Powers, oh ya.

Every time I go to the bathroom it really scares me when I put the light on because every time I do, there's a little fan that goes RRRRRRRRR really loudly, it kind of sounds like someones violently and excitedly sharpening some really massive pencils (take that as you will), and it scares the crap out of me because I want to be able to have a bath in silence  not having to listen to a voilent fan doing its thing!!!

But our bathroom is breaking down so hey! I'm so happy today because I went into town since I needed to buy a little pressie for my friends birthday and earlier on if we skip back to christmas I recieved a voucher for topshop from my mums closest friend, now you know how I said before how I don't like buying everything from topshop, well this is different because I have a voucher and It's worth having a look in the sale, so when I went into the shop for a little browsey my mum mentioned I needed a nice coat for the rest of this winter and beggining of spring (I'm not one for coats that much) but I stumbled across a real little beauty and it was so adorable and quite me I had to buy it so I spent half of my voucher on my gorgeous little coat and left the other half for another time! And I was also shocked to see that the coat was over half price as it had a little scratch over the  £85 and instead said £40, so I was just thinking YES, I DON'T CARE WHO ELSE HAS THIS COAT BECAUSE I'M GETTING IT ANYWAY!!!!!!

Now you might be wondering why I called this post Austin powers,oh ya. (Or not depends how much you love my titles *wink wink*) when I got home there was a little parsel wainting on the stairs for me and I knew what it was but I never thought they'd look so good, it was a pair of gorgeous john Lenon round glasses that I had purchased off of ebay a couple of days ago and I thought I looked kind of cool:

But that's not the best part....

Chica-Chica- aaah! Yes! they have double lenses, I mean come on you've got to admit that is, and I mean that is pretty splended, is it not?? So yes today was a fantastidoodle day, I hope everyones well also, it's begining to snow again, all the more reason to wear ma new coat eh? I love you guys xox you're like my other little family, nawwh.

I really need the toilet.....


  1. ^.^ yeas, took me a little while to get use to them, but I really love them so much!


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