Thursday, 6 January 2011

Contemplating the universe (oh god)

Never start to read about the universe at 11 o'clock, you'll find yourself in a loop hole (which ia apperently what our universe is shaped like nowa days) I want to travel yes. But I want to travel to those different galexy's see what all these other life forms have that we don't, see how they live, see how small or tall they are, can they breath? How do they reproduce?

And then when I am done with those galexies iI'll take a little trip to a black hole interview him/her/both about what's inside? When it gobbles up things, where do they go? I'm sure the black isn't so greedy that it needs millions of stars, rubble and planets for billions of light years to satisfy its needs for the day so the next it starts the cycle all over again?

I'll then travel to a star, what's this made of, why did we humans give it an imaginary name? What was the satisfaction in call it the purtunia star (for example)? Why is it travelling across the universes, Is it late for going somewhere?

Afterwards, I'll begin to look at worm holes, do they take you to other dimensions? Are able to help you see what you're doing in five seconds time? And plus is there such thing as a parrellel world? They must be if us daft mammels came up with the ridiculous idea!

And I'm sure after I visit these galexy's and gather some information on my jotter pad with a bic biro, I can go on to breaking through our universe we live so pea sized in and travel to our neighbours who are over 12 billion light years away. When I go there and I find planets what will the temperature situations be over there, is it too late, was I a couple of billion years late as all the planets seem to be on fire and suddenly a black hole scoops up the lot? I mean what the fuck is out there? No amount of books, internet, and scientists are going to answer my questions, because I will never be satisfied with their baboon answer, becasue as soon as a sentance comes out, I'll begin to question their daft knowledge, and then move onto why, WHY, WHYYY!? Forget your bloomin' evolution,I'm talking about the future, yes hay-ho we live in our tiny atom sized planet nicely tucked in the corner of the universe, but say you break free of that universe, what's there?
Is it white space? Or more? (I holy shittin' hope not!)


  1. this is brilliant.
    i totally agree, i literally was asking what was before the big bang at like 5 and remember baffling my physics teacher in like year 7 because i asked whether the universe ever ends. this is a ramble, i apologise, but once you get me started on space... well ♥

  2. Thank you
    I carried on my thoughts throughout the whole of friday, it was very brain numbing!



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