Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The film of a god

the best of 35

I got my film developed finally, and these were my favie's within the lot, even though the film I had used was a slow proccessing one the photo's really weren't so terrible! The best I think is the second one above, they were some tea lights and the picture came out better than expected. My old Zenit is undoubtably the lovelyest little camera for its time (good boy!).  I was going to talk about something else today, but the simple answer is I didn't know how... haha!

I hope you're all feeling up to date and fit as a fiddle, I finally finished my art coursework! And I was smiling from ear to ear when I looked at my achievements.



  1. haha claudia you always make me chuckle! :)
    ooh nice pictures, zenit's are mean't to be good x

  2. When I was taking photo's of them I had to use a flash -.- and you can see the reflection!


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