Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dear Juan, stop stealing all my biro's from my pencilcase

 Hiya everyone, I'm sorry about posting just photo posts for a long time, but you know the saying one photo says a thousand words, well you were in for alot of reading. I really wanted to talk about an artist that I've come to know a few months ago, his name is Juan Francisco Casas who is a Spanish artist that recreates pictures taken on a camera either using oil paints or a bic biro pen, I remember when I stumbled across him on a website that was promoting silly adverts and ridiculous inventions and the recommendation of the day was 'Bic biro art' at first I thought it was just pictures taken with a canon camera, but then I realised that someone had drawn them and They're just so unbelievable that they came from one humans hands the other thing that threw me was the size of them! They aren't just A3 size, they're litrally A1/2 or however much bigger you could get, compared to an average canvas size.

I think the thing that drew me to his drawings was they weren't like alot of art that just showed the beauty of natural life or a feminine physique, it's alot of mucking about, everday life captures, that you could only witness in a couple of seconds and yet he's managed to make these memories better, however I do find some of his images very erotic with alot of un-clothed women and insane facial features. But he's just grand!

I must buzz now,my sisters just arrived with her buddy friend! We're gonna go catch some chicken, bye!

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