Sunday, 1 September 2013

It Shall Always Be Seen

Who said blue and green should never be seen? For me this is a heavenly combination, and having these white stripes create a little more detail in the outfit and velvet shorts giving it an interesting texture I know fo'sho I shall be wearing this outfit right into the Autumn... Maybe even Winter considering they are both quite heavy fabrics. I understand perhaps pairing a sky blue with these olive green shorts would look a little too similar and therefore a bit of an eyesore, but for me I really am fond of this pairing. 

I've started reading Hokusai - Prints and Drawings in preparation for my art course this upcoming year. I haven't changed my mind about the topics I did for my Art and Textiles this past year, however a few weeks ago I realised if I didn't change my mind now I might really regret it in the future. I will probably share with you some pieces I do throughout this course. 

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Piece done by Amy Ross