Saturday, 14 September 2013

Astrologist Pants

How groovy are these culottes which I bought last weekend in Beyond Retro? I just had to share these beauties with yo as I just find them so funky. Not only are they super comfy and high-waisted they have this gorgeous suns and stars print all over them (which is one of the main reasons I picked them up in the first place). My bad for my lack of professionalism in this shot. I was just so ecstatic to show you that I ignored the lovely array of  things on the floor and the whole lighting situation. This is how you can tell that I am a class A blogger! 
Anyway, coursework calls and many other 'errands' which I need to get sorted today. I hope you enjoy the lovely September sun which seems to be making an appearance today despite the previous days of teeth gritting wind and sporadic bouts of rain. Also, I have been really digging the sounds of Little Dragon lately, and Fleetwood Mac, Although I find Fleetwood Mac sounds so much better when it's quieter and the tiny voice of Stevie Nicks is just floating around you like a little cloud.

Oh and this remix is pretty 'sick'...

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