Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Simplicity of Life

It's incredible how something small and calming can help change your mood so much. Since being back at school I have had post-summer blues, which entails being a little snappy and moody with everything. Especially today where I already felt the stress of work, just because small things were going wrong and certain thoughts were dominating my mind. When I came home I still had this blockage, it felt a little like a metaphorical tumor. However when my mum came bursting through the door proclaiming she needed a drink after a stressful day and we, as a family, sat around the table and ate all the food my brain began to destress and suddenly I stopped feeling negative about certain things. It also helped that I decided to do the school work I wanted to do, and not force myself to do the work I felt obliged to do. It has been a good evening of painting, listening to beautiful music and realising life only becomes stressful when you make it so. I have my friend Ruth to thank as without her blase yet passionate attitude on life I would probably have worked myself into a tizzy over the most ridiculous things. 

Songs like this one will always be in my list of top tunes, I for some reason never get sick of it and always listen to it when I'm in certain moods. 

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