Saturday, 31 August 2013


Hi to you all. Today was a glorious day for weather, although slightly chilly from the breeze, and so was the perfect day for going out on a day trip in. You may not know this but during my holidays I tend not to venture out of my hometown too much. I usually stay in my house or within my comfort regions despite my desire to see more of England, however today was a fab day for reaching out and trying something new for the day.

My friends and I decided a few days ago to have a trip out to the Safari park however after a few bumps in the road we realised it wasn't going to happen, so instead we went with a plan B and hopped on a (quite delayed) train to Bristol to go to the aquarium. I think what made this day as wonderful as it was would have definitely been the number of surprises which seemed to just churn out hourly! At first on the train we happened to sit behind a very loud, gravely, one legged and slightly intoxicated man who never really stopped talking for the entirety of the journey and at one point was topless singing verses from that 'Combine harvester(...)' song. However that was only a small part of the day. When we got off the train we had some lunch and met the sweetest little ginger haired toddler, who found it difficult to keep his trousers on... I'm not kidding. It proved that in his attempt to catch up with his father yet still wave goodbye to us all his little trousers could not take it and ended up round his ankles twice, which made my friend and I really chuckle to the point of tears.

Since our day was mainly planned for seeing the aquarium, our actual fish time was really not a high percentage in the grand scheme of the things. We had a quick whizz round and saw some pretty insane looking fishes. We decided to explore around Bristol because it really is a beautiful city and did make me feel quite close to home. We stopped by in a park/gardens area and a few minutes later a very slick and generally 'cool' dreadlocked man appeared by a table-tennis table near us looking a wee bit lost and hungry for some sportin' action. He really was just such a cool guy, I really cannot explain him in any other way he was just effortless. After my friends played a couple of rounds with him he decided to show us some magic with a pack of cards and tell us entertaining stories on how he managed to gain around two hundred pounds in under ten minutes by doing these tricks to others. He really put a smile on my face. Afterwards we just went up a tower to see the views, went into a few shops (one being a music shop where I have found a passion for instruments and also had a bit of astonishment at my friends' talent), then decided to head back to the train seeing as a lot of places were closing this time. Back on the train there were again some loud and tipsy men who made the journey more lively. What was most shocking was we saw the original homeless man on our train back home and, for me, it was just a moment of pure panic where I just didn't know where to put my body.

Anyway, I am still alive and very tired. I have guzzled down a cider, had a shower and settled into bed. I have a good day out with my friends and really only wanted to blog this so I could look back on it as a sort of diary entry and remember what a splendid time I had. Overall everyone really enjoy your time off and try to get out on some days to break away from routine! I will have photos with you shortly.

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