Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Your King, My Freedom


I think friendship is one of the most important things sometimes in life. I know I wrote about being quite alone sometimes. However with the close friends I do have, I love them to pieces. It's true that you should always put your 'chicks before dicks', 'cause your (or in my case) girlfriends do come before boys, as boys come and go but you want your ladies to stay with you.  It's such a shame to lose friends, and it's even worse when you can't admit to something you know has hurt someone else. Through past experiences I'm trying to avoid that from happening, I've been so disappointed in the past from people who may have not done something significantly wrong, however have not considered how people feel about a certain situation. That's why, when you can feel tension and you may know why, you should apologise for any part taking you inputted in whatever could have affected your friend.

I'm going to wrap up this personal and confusing post with a song I have recently grown fond of from Moonrise Kingdom as I think it's truely beautiful and I feel it sets a lovely tone to this post today.

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